Customer Service Challenges in Rural Off-Grid Solar PV Markets

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Story of Stimulus

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Stimulus – Presentation for Phaesun by Faraz Khan

Stimulus presentation at Phaesun Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017 in Memmingen Germany describing the Pakistan off-grid

Creating Lasting Customer Experiences to Scale Energy Access

Hira Wajahat - August 31, 2017 The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #7 states that by

Inclusive Engagement for Energy Access

INCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT FOR ENERGY ACCESS: “Rural Solar Innovation - Business As Usual”    

Innovating for Energy Access – brief

Innovating for Energy Access “Inclusive Engagement - Exploring Multiple Alternative Distribution & Network Channels

7 Must Wins for Scaling Solar Experience

Hira Wajahat - September 14, 2017 As an energy service provider e.g. a solar systems

Stimulus Presentation at OTTI Conference 2016